Our Range - Non Toxic Wool

Fibre: 100% Pure Natural Wool
Yarn: 2 ply high twist, set in scouring
Widths: 4m

Welcome to Non Toxic Wool flooring, 100% British yarn woven into responsibly sourced carpets of the highest quality. These are fast becoming a homeowner favourite thanks to their green credentials and lack of chemical dyes and pesticides used in the production process.

This is the perfect choice for those who are prone to allergic reactions from chemicals used to make conventional carpets. Few rivals can boast a product with such low carbon footprint, all wool sourced local to the factory in Cumbria, which also means quality guaranteed. The five sumptuous shades are based on the breed of sheep; these floors need to be seen and touched for a full appreciation of what they can offer to your home.

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Dorset Down
rugs and runners custom made
rugs and runners custom made
rugs and runners custom made
rugs and runners custom made
rugs and runners custom made
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Kendal Loop
rugs and runners custom made
rugs and runners custom made

Client Testimonial:

"Dear Mr. Gibbon,

It has been almost four months now since you fitted our new pure wool, chemical-free undyed stair carpet. As you will recall, I suffer from chemical sensitivities and in the past I have had a number of respiratory incidents related to new carpets. Your carpet was highly recommended to us and I have not been disappointed. I have not suffered any adverse reaction to the carpet; this is the first time in many years I have been able to say this. Finally, apart from being totally chemical-free, the carpet, as carpet, is very attractive and lovely underfoot.

Many thanks for your excellent service and your continuing concern.

Yours sincerely, Ronald Nettler, Yarnton, Oxfordshire."

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